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Name: Paul Bostaph
Plays: Drums
Born: March 26th 1964 in San Francisco, USA

dave.jpg (17765 bytes) Paul is a native from the Bay Area scene in San Francisco. In the 80's he played with the thrash band, Forbidden, and with them he did 2 records. Paul then got somewhat tired of playing heavy music; he felt that it was too limiting. After the break with Forbidden, John Tempesta told him that Slayer were seeking a new drummer. Kerry wanted Paul to join Slayer, but at first Jeff wasn't too keen on the idea. Paul has always been a big fan of Slayer, so it took him a nanosecond to accept the offer

Paul was then given a list of 9 Slayer songs and he had like 12 days to learn them. After that, it was the plan that should be tested in an audition that lasted 3 days. Paul passed the audition with flying colours. He even did a song that wasn't on the list - Silent Scream,

a very drum-demanding song. As Paul said : I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off with my walkman with Slayer in it... and I pretty much ate, breath and slept Slayer in 12 days. The hardest song for him was "Angel of Death" because he didn't know how long the lead section was.

In 1992, when Paul was still new in Slayer, he was contacted by Testament who wanted him to do a show with them. And so Paul is also on the Testament live album, Return To The Apocalyptic City.

Then the drummer played some clubdates in the States before flying to Europe and do the large Monsters Of Rock dates. Paul did well and the rest of the Slayer guys was very pleased with him. He also gets fine along with Tom, Kerry and Jeff.

From what I know, Paul is somewhat shy about meeting new people, he also seems like to be a very modest person. He is very dedicated to Slayer. He helps the others designing t-shirts, writing lyrics etc.

Like the other Slayer guys, he is interested in sport. Actually, Paul plays soccer in his sparetime for a team in San Francisco - I was told that he is pretty good at it also.

Paul learned to play drums to listen to his heavy records, mostly Iron Maiden. He tried to pull off what Nicko did.

Many people said : Paul Bostaph has awfully big shoes to fill. To that, Tom said Actually, the shoes are a little too tight.

Drumset: Artstar II (1993) in chrome laminant (custom) finish.

A. 4x14 Brass Picollo(snare)
B. 8x8 tom
C. 10x10 tom
D. 12x12 tom
E. 13x13 tom
F. 14x14 tom
G. 16x16 floor tom
H. 14x20 gong drum
I. 18x22 bass drum

Cymbals: Paiste

1. 19" power crash
2. 8" paiste bell
3. 22" 2002 nova china
4. 15" hi-hats (2002 sound edge on top, Paiste sound edge on bottom)
5. 20" 2002 crash
6. 19" 3000 power crash
7. 15" hi-hats mounted on X-Hat (Same hi-hat combo as above)
8. 22" Paiste heavy china
9. 20" 3000 power crash
10. 22" Paiste dry-heavy ride
11. 20" Paiste heavy china
12. 20" sound formula full ride (with rivets)
13. 38" Gong


Sticks: Vic firth American Classic Rock Crusher model, Stick Handler drumstick tape,
Beato drum gloves

Microphones: Shure

Hardware: All Tama, including a leverglide hi-hat stand, Iron Cobra bass drum pedals
(with DW beaters), and stilt series stands. Skid-ex slip retardent used on pedals to prevent
feet from slipping.

Heads: Remo coated Emperor on snare batter(with square piece of white cloth duct taped to head for muffling), clear Emperors on tops of toms with clear Ambassadors underneath, clear emperors on bass drums with Falam slam pads to protect from beater impact. Small pillows used in bass drum for muffling.

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